About Me

I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a Christian, a worker bee.  I am passionate.  I am ordinary.

This space is a place for me to share my musings.  Many things are on my mind, but mostly common subjects are my faith, finances, health and kids.

I am a Christian.  I believe that Jesus came to this Earth, died for our sins and rose 3 days later and is still living today.  I have been raised in the church my entire life, but don't let that fool you.  I like to keep it real.  After all, God is real. 

We sold our beloved house and moved into a smaller duplex as a first step in finding financial freedom.  We are working on paying off our debt and the plan is to be done in the next 2 years.  We will spend another 2 years saving up a large down payment so that we can again move into a nicer home...at least one that does not have neighbors that share walls. ;-)  (My definition of "nice home" has drastically changed since we moved!)  We are so grateful for all that God is doing in our life here and we have been so blessed.  The Lord continues to show us that becoming debt free is His will for our lives and something He continues to help us with.

Some things God has done so far...
  • We owed about $3K in taxes in 2010 due to some of the decisions we had to make to get out from under the old house.  To pay for it, we sold things on Ebay.  There were many things that went for higher bids than really should have!
  • Our TV was on the fritz.  The Lord bought us a new one between money given to us for Christmas as well as a huge discount the store manager gave William.  
  • This year the transmission went out on our Durango.  We were quoted $2,300 to pay for it.  After a couple phone calls, we discovered the warranty was still in play, but barely (it had 6K miles left on it and 4 months!).  The repair ended up costing us $100 for the deductible.
  • God continues to be our provider.  Whenever our expenses go up (example:  daycare costs for Ruth), we are given additional money to pay for it.
We are currently taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class and have discovered (among other things) that we have been on the right track.  It feels great to be unloading all this debt!

I'm working on loosing weight.  I was at my largest when I became pregnant with my oldest.  Since that time I have lost 79 lbs.  And I'm not done.  I have at least another 31 lbs to go!

Furthermore, my husband is diabetic and when pregnant with the last two kids I was diagnosed as gestational diabetes.  (I was borderline with the oldest.)  It wasn't controlled very well while pregnant with Peter, and he was born hypoglycemic (a temporary condition for him but one that increases his risk for diabetes).  While pregnant with Ruth, God performed a miraculous thing and I made it through the entire pregnancy without taking one drop of insulin.

I am striving to raise health-conscience children.

I am the mother of 3.  Rebekah - 5; Peter - 3; Ruth - 7 months.  I love my kids and love motherhood.  It certainly isn't what I thought it would be. I love the fact my kids all love each other.  I love them as individuals and their qualities.  I love the family God has created for my husband and I.  I'm cherishing each and every moment.

I can be contacted at namingtheclouds@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!