Friday, April 28, 2006

(Imported from the babababies website -- 'Rebekah's Persepective')

Oh boy it is Friday! I look forward to spending time w/Mommy and Daddy...well, as much as I can! Sat they have to take care of some things and so Granny is going to watch me.

I have been progressing really well. I sit up nicely now, although not QUITE well enough that Mommy and Daddy will leave me sitting there w/out pillows around me. They don't want me bonking my head or something! I have been having daily dinners with Mommy and Daddy. I have a lot of veggies. Mommy has made me eat a lot of veggeis I don't like...but after trying them a few times I will usually change my mind about them. So far, I have loved fruit first go around. They have also given me Fruit and Veggie Puffs. Mommy is so proud of my b/c I can use my thumb and forefinger to pick them up and put them in my mouth. I don't usually like them once I get them there...but will eat them eventually. (They disolve after awhile in my mouth.)

I have been trying really really hard to communicate with Mommy and Daddy...and every time I say "Ta" or "Da" they get so I say it lots and lots. They have been trying to get me to say "Ma"...I just think it is funny so I laugh!!!

Hopefully things slow down a bit around here. I'd love to spend more time with Mommy and Daddy playing around the house!!!!

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