Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick update...

So we had a bit of a milestone this week with Peter. Pre-cast, he was starting to pull up and would even balance standing without holding anything for a second or two. Of course, all that was squashed when the big blue smurf came into the picture.

Pretty much right away he started rolling around...stayed up one night all night practicing even. (He's a night owl. When he first caught on to rolling, he stayed up for several nights practicing...) He could get around, but not quite as well as he used too.

This last weekend he started pulling up on things again. The TV stand for bet I was excited about that one. (Hmmm...can I nail it to the wall? I might have too!)

Then this week something magical happened...Peter began to move his cast leg (for example, wave it in the air). I was thrilled. I have no idea if he leg is just better or if he is gaining enough muscle mass or maybe both. Well I told William about this wonderful little milestone over dinner.

Shortly later, Peter pooped. I promptly handed him to William...who seems to always be out of the house or busy when a poopy diaper comes around. I was thrilled he was available to do the deed!

William went upstairs to change him...and next I heard was "AHHHHH!!". William found out first hand how Peter could move his cast leg. He was bending down playing with him when the cast leg grazed his head. William said Peter swung it up pretty hard, and that he barely messed being clobbered by the "big blue smurf".

And...a cute little story about Rebekah that I found funny. William and Rebekah often have burping contests at dinner. I can't say that I'm proud of it, but Rebekah thinks it is entirely funny that William can burp whenever she pulls his finger. The other morning she was sitting in bed, working on waking up before getting started with the day. I was brushing my hair and Peter was playing in the bed too.

Rebekah burped, then laughed and said "Did you hear that? I said " and proceeded to burp again and laugh some more. I couldn't help but think that William should have been there to witness his daughter's first command burp. I was sure he would be proud. A little later, Peter burped...and then HE laughed! He was giggling to himself when Rebekah started laughing at him. I apparently will have a house full of burpers. I'm sure any mother would be proud.

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