Saturday, January 31, 2009

Awake...and I don't want to be is 4:00 AM. Well, 3:59 if you want to get technical. And here I am, wide awake ready to start my day.

This is the problem with going to bed at 8:00 I guess! (Completely accidental.) I seem to frequently fall asleep putting the kids to bed. I asked William to wake me up yesterday, he said he tried a couple times unsuccessfully.

SO then last night...I was exhausted when I put the kids to bed. I maybe should have made the William put the kids to bed so I could get back on a better sleep schedule...but Peter has been running a fever. And the poor boy just wants his what is a Mama to do?

I don't have the pictures of Peter's party nearby, and I'm entirely too lazy right now to go get them. So I can just talk about last weekend for a bit. It started off Sat morning when I realized I was completely unprepared for Peter's party. I had forgotten so many details (preparing for the games, missing ingredients for the cake, a picture frame for signing....). I thought I had them all covered, but I didn't! And the "planner" in me began to panic.

William and I talked about exactly how we were going to get everything done in the time we had. We still had to get things accomplished that I had planned to do on top of the unplanned items! He hopped in the shower and Rebekah was using the potty.

"MOOOOOOMMMMMYYYY! I want you!" She frequently shouts this. Rebekah enjoys chatting while doing her business. I know this trait does not come from me. ;-) When I walked in, she had just flushed and was attempting to flush again..."Nooooooooo!!!!!" I shouted, but was too late.

You see...we had a toilette paper problem. One day at a public restroom about 6 mo ago, I put toilette paper on the seat. For some reason, Rebekah insisted on doing this on one particular toilette in our house. I think we ended up pushing the paper into the toilette and not flushing multiple times this past week.

Water was every where. I grabbed towels and shouted for a plunger. Yeah...our plunger broke and we never got a new one. So all I could do was sop up the water.

That is basically how my weekend went. We had guests in our home, my in-laws. I love my in-laws, but at the same time I'm not very good at "living with" other people...even for short periods of time. (I drove my roommates in college NUTS! Ok...they drove me nuts!)

We also had a house showing on Monday. It went great, but keeping the house in tip top shape AND throwing a party? I don't know very many people who would sign up for that! (Yeah, we are crazy...I know!)

The party was lovely. But the weekend surrounding it was a lot! Party pics coming soon.

Oh...and I'm still awake. It is now 5:00 AM (no, I don't type slow...I was watching TV and had to put Peter back to sleep!). Any bets on whether I take a nap later?

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Ashley said...

oh dear!

So... I don't mean to harass you--- but I laughed at this one... In part because it's funny to begin with. And also because it was only 4am... and there are like 2-3 typos at the beginning! So, I'm thinking... LOL, she totally wasn't awake yet. Too cute! :)