Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He said TURTLE...

Yesterday when I picked up Peter his caregiver greeted me overly excited. "GUESS WHAT!"

"Umm, what?" I replied. She then told me that Peter had said "turtle" very clearly and showed me a little turtle that is going to be adopted by one of the classrooms as a class pet. It was brought in last week for "pet week". She took Peter over and said "Look Peter! What is that?"

"Mama!" came the reply!

"No Peter...what is THIS???" she said pointing emphatically to the little turtle...who to be honest looked dead. (I later learned it wasn't.)

Peter poked it and said "Mama!". The turtle was in the office, so she ran into the directors office and said "Peter won't say turtle!" to the director (who we will call D). D responded "He won't? Come on Peter, you have to show off for your Mommy! What is this?" and she pointed to a fish in her office.


And everyone cheered...which prompted "Turtle turtle turtle" from Peter. Of course the jokes then started about how the poor kid will forever call a fish a turtle. I guess we will work on that later...right?

This morning Peter proudly held up a book he was looking at and said "TURTLE!".

Peter can say lots of things actually...off the top of my head, I can think of "Thank you", "Here you go", "baby", "doggie", "graham cracker"...all decently clear. Turtle I think was very clear...it sounded like actual "T's" versus the "D" sound he tends to make (example "Da do" for thank you).

I was also told by his teacher and director D that they don't really hear him talk much. Hmmm...really now? My little chatter box quiet? Seriously? It amazes me how kids are so different at school vs. at home. Peter will chatter up a storm -- and is a much bigger talker than Rebekah I believe. I honestly don't remember, and didn't write down too much. (What I wrote -- check the "Babababies" posts!)

Well congrats to little Peter on saying his first word at daycare!

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