Sunday, November 22, 2009

I need a book club

My last attempt to blog a discussion simply didn't go well. I've contemplated deleting it - but instead I'm going to leave it there as a reminder that it is hard to have a one-sided discussion. Most people would call this babbling. (At least, I do. :-))

So now I'm keeping my ear to the ground for a book club. I just feel this inner need to discuss what I read...and my poor husband and lunch buddy are getting the brunt of it. Neither have read the book, and both have to hear about my reading incessantly.

William's eyes just glaze over in typical male fashion.

My lunch buddy does make an effort to seem interested. But how interested can you be in a conversation about a book you haven't read?

I really need a book club...

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Ashley said...

I have a friend... that I think is in a book club. I'm pretty terrible at deadlines... which is the biggest reason I determined I shouldn't be leading one! And, the fact that I don't think I read ANYTHING fiction that a friend hasn't already read. (but---I get that it's different when you actually read something at the same time!)

I'm sure there are many book clubs that you could meet up with. IN FACT... they advertise them in the public library "newsletter"--- there are many at each branch.

Just some thoughts on all that... take it or leave it!