Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vocabulary and Moses according to Rebekah

Peter has been chatting up a storm. He says new things all the time. I think listening to their language skills evolve is one of my favorite parts of watching children grow up. It seems like just yesterday we were watching Rebekah's new words with enthusiasm. Now, she tells us stories.

For example, we were discuss the bible story of Moses and the burning bush.

Rebekah: God set the bush on fire, but it didn't burn.
ME: Why did He do that?
Rebekah: Because Moses didn't want to be line leader.

I love listening to her version of the stories. They always come with insight!

Friday, Peter startled us all with a brand new word. It has been awhile since anything he has said has really caught my attention. Sure, there have been words I've smiled or even giggled at. Sometimes when kids are learning new words, it goes so fast that they all blur together. So I was quite surprised that this one caught my attention like this one has.

We were wrestling around in the floor. The kids like to play a game where William captures them, and I "help" them. I grab their little chubby hands and William lets go. They come giggling to me, only to turn around and be captured again. Peter was playing this game. Rebekah was watching TV, and is a total zombie when she does.

Instead of reaching for me when Peter was captured, he started squealing "Bekah! Bekah!". William and I looked at each other in disbelief...up to now, Rebekah was simply "Issie". We got her attention from the TV, and she grudgingly walked over and helped him. He of course ran back over and got captured again immediately. Rebekah again got up, helped him...then brought him over to me. "Here." she said - and returned to her TV. What she didn't say was "Take care of your son, he keeps bothering me." Meanwhile, William and I continued to encourage Peter saying Rebekah's name.

And he shouted her name all weekend long.

Rebekah went about her business and didn't pay him too much attention. Apparently this particular milestone was only important to us.

Other favorites I like to listen to are "Noooo" and "poop". He always says "no" with a lot of extra O's tacked onto the end. And "poop" for some reason is high pitched. Maybe it is the nature of the subject, he just tends to get excited over it in general.

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Ashley said...

Very cool. I love to hear kids talk.

And... maybe Peter has been whispering "Bekah" in the middle of the night or some other obscure time when you're not around. teehee. Sometimes you have to wonder what goes on between siblings that the parents don't know about, even at an early age! *_~