Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Free Starbucks: It is the little things

My local radio station has been advertising the "Drive Thru Difference", where basically you give a letter to the person at the drive thru window and pay for the meal of the person behind you. They are to then get the letter when they are told their meal is taken care of.

I have no idea what the letter says. I've been meaning to look it up to read it for awhile. I just haven't. (Yes, I'm lazy.)

Monday morning I went crawling to Starbucks for my morning caffeine kick. I splurged and got a little more than my iced-coffee.

Iced coffee: $2.87
Peppermint Mocha: $4.62

I then realized I had forgotten cash. Ah well...I had decided, I'll just use my card. I didn't like it, as William and I have been on cash-only for awhile. It is part of our success with paying our debts off. I half thought about leaving the line, but how rude would that be? I had already ordered.

I drove up and the gentleman stuck his head out the window into the cold air. I did not envy his job. I recall working the window at Wendy's when I was a teen. While I didn't do it for very long or in very cold weather (quit in early fall), it was cold enough that I dreaded it. Doing such a thing in teen-degree weather is simply not appealing.

"The person in front of you paid for your drink."

I starred blankly, letting the words process in my head. "They paid for my drink?" I finally replied.

"Yes, and here you go!" handing my my deliciously warm venti Peppermint Mocha Latte.

I paused another minute, expecting a letter. No letter came. "Have a nice day ma'am!"

"Thanks! You too!" and then I drove off in disbelief.

I had been blessed.

It was a rough couple years for William and I. Making the decision to sell our beloved house and following through with it was probably the most difficult time we have ever gone through as a couple. The stress and anxiety permeated every aspect of our lives together.

We are in what I'd call a honey moon phase. God is continuing to show us that He is our provider, continuing to encourage us to make good choices. I know things won't always be this easy, but I am enjoying this time nonetheless. I won't say I deserve it - because none of us deserve any of the blessings we get. I will say that it has been some much needed relief after the tough times we had.

Tough for us, anyway.

And here we are, yet another month gone by and we managed to make another whopping payment to the debt. We paid off three items this month. THREE! That is HUGE. Last month when it happened, I thought "I know this won't happen every month..." but I didn't expect it to happen two months in a row.

God continues to provide in every aspect of our life.

And we are not the only ones He is blessing. William invited our realtor over to watch Christmas Vacation. They both have a fondness for the movies, and while house hunting they often quoted the various vacation movies to one another. Two peas in a pod really.

He mentioned that Nov was a super busy month for him. I have no doubt that this is a direct result in their faithfulness to God. They blessed us in our selling process, and now they are seeing the result of that.

So there you have...another addition of I am blessed. And YES I do intend to pass on the blessing I received at some point, when the time is right. :-)

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Ashley said...

AWESOME!!! Delighted, but not surprised! God is SO good at blessings, and timing and all that complicated stuff!