Friday, March 19, 2010

Cute kid stories

I have been horrible in posting - and I actually have a really good reason for that.  I'm a blabber mouth.  I mean, I can completely keep secrets (especially when I'm told they are secrets)...but the way I do that is to NOT TALK.  And I have something I simply cannot share at this time...not yet.  So I've refrained from posting anything!  :-P  See?  Not talking!!!  HAHA!

I do have a couple cute stories dealing my adorable children.

The first has to do with Peter...ahhh little Peter.  So the day before yesterday he went into the bathroom and locked the door.  I kindly asked him to unlock the door, to find he was getting into the toothpaste.  The next morning, while I was getting ready for work I noticed the bathroom door close very quietly.  It was obvious it was Peter, and I tried opening the door...he was in the process of locking it but I beat him.  I found him with a book jacket and scissors in hand.  So I guess he has learned the fine art of door locking and has found a meaningful purpose for this new found skill.  At least, for now, he is opening the door when I tell him.  Hopefully that continues.

And did I mention he got into a bottle of Zyrtec the other day?  Apparently those child-proofed bottles are not Peter proof.  Thankfully, he ingested very little if any at all.

And today...well, let me preface this by saying that yesterday he had an accident in his pants.  His diaper was not put on properly and had fallen off...then he peed and some very wet pants resulted.  He came to me and said "I wet!  Change me!"  I told William about this early this morning because clearly he is close to begin official potty official as we get.  Later I told Peter to go get dressed.  He ran into his room and got his PJs off, which was amazing really.  Usually, he goes in there but gets distracted by a toy.  A little later I hear "Moooooooommmmm!  Peter has my underwear!"  I look up to see Peter whiz by giggling hysterically wearing pink princess panties.  I have to say, he did a pretty good job putting them on...although he had one at the top around his waste.  I then had to convince him he had to wear a diaper, but that I would surely get him some manly underwear to wear this weekend.  We'll see how it goes.  I probably should have gotten a picture in those panties though...

Rebekah has also been a wonderful source of cuteness.  She is SUCH a sweet sister, and I am often thankful that God knows what he is doing when creating families.  My only prayer for our children was that they would be good friends.  YES - I didn't want them to just get along.  I wanted them to BE friends, rely on each other and have relationships that last a life time.  I don't have that.  I also don't have cousins I can count on, or any family really.  I am not saying there aren't family I care about...I'm saying that I don't have that close, best friend sort of bond with any of my family.  And I long for that for my children.

Anyway...yesterday Peter was throwing a fit.  "Mom!  Peter is hurting my ears!"  I said "Mine too!"  Then I told Peter he had the choice to go sit on his bed and collect himself or calm down.  Then Rebekah said "Do you want Mommy or sissy???"  Peter replied in tears "I want Bekah!" and curled up in her lap.  How cute is THAT?  My heart filled with joy...but it gets better.  Then Rebekah says "Peter, you want to play with me?"  He replied "YES!"  I reminded him (mean mom I am) that he needed to get his shoes on.  So then Rebekah offered to help him with his shoes.  When I went in there, his shoes were on his feet and they were playing together...and he was perfectly calm.

In other news, I heard Rebekah talking in her sleep.  She was telling someone (I have no idea who) that she was in fact going to marry Ryan when she was bigger.  Ryan, in case you are not aware, is a friend from daycare.  They went to Open Arms together, and now Loving Arms and have basically been in the same class since they were 3 mo old.  It is funny to listen to her say "I've known him my WHOLE life!"  Heh.  But, I guess she is planning on marrying him.  I do know he reciprocates the thought - according to his mother he has been referring to her as his wife for quite sometime.  For now, I think it is cute.  We'll revisit this subject in 5 years or so and I may change my mind. ;-)

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