Sunday, July 18, 2010

Faith can be so tough

Last Tues I had my diabetic dr appointment.  It mostly went well.  She said "Well, we don't have to start you on insulin yet."  Excuse me?  YET?  Yeah - my numbers have been perfect thank-you-very-much.  Then she said "Has your OB said anything about your weight gain?"  This is the second time she has mentioned I was fairly worried. 

I have gained about 10 lbs, which is a bit more than I had at this time in previous pregnancies.  (Cuz I'm chubby - I only get to gain about 15 lbs!)  I have been eating more in general (previous pregnancies I continue to eat about the same amount as before).  I wasn't sure how I could cut back - because if I do, I feel bad.

My OB appt was that afternoon, and he said I was doing perfectly in the weight gain department.  Whew...

Wed. was just a tough eating day.  I had a small lunch, missing snack, small dinner...and ended up starving at the end of my day.  STARVING!  And I think I over compensated on Thur. 

So Thur - my numbers were all incredibly low.  Fri my numbers were high.  The swings in numbers left me feeling pretty blah on Friday and worried.  I ate pretty well on Sat to help balance myself back out (I don't always eat the best on the weekends...not horrible...but I'm more prone to eat just not as healthy.)  Sat. I still had a bit of a headache left over and still didn't feel 100%.  My numbers were better.

But the silly nurse practitioner's words echoed though my head..."No need for insulin yet..." 

Faith is a funny thing.  We mean to be strong.  God tells us to be strong...and if you ASK me...I'd tell you that I know everything will be OK. 


I was still worried.  So I asked for prayer in church this morning.

I love my church.  One thing that we do is pray for each other.  I don't mean in empty words...I mean really pray.  We take each others burdens and lean on one another...and not just on Sunday morning.  All week long.  And we keep up with each other on more than just Sunday's.

So this morning I shared my worry.  And Mr. Tony, the fellow in our church who does this particular part of our service, encouraged me.  He said "Miriam, I just encourage you to stand on the word that God has spoken into your life, and NOT accept this diabetes into your life."

Yep.  That is Mr. Tony.  :-)  SO GREAT!  It was a chastisement in the most loving way possible.  God was speaking through Mr. Tony, saying "Tsk tsk really should know better by now."  And the truth is I should. 

But we all trip every once in awhile.  But the great thing about having a church like mine, is that when you trip there is someone to help you up, dust you off and remind you everything will be fine.  That is priceless.


Janette said...

I'll agree that both Tony & Jan are is their entire family! Quite the prayer warriors as well. I will also agree that prayer time..or really any time...within our church family is priceless! I love how close we all are, and how we treat each other as family!

I'm so thankful that your numbers have remained near perfect -- and that you are doing everything in your power to ensure you don't go on insulin. You are doing a GREAT job -- keep it up! Proud of all the work and dedication this has taken!

Sorry we missed church today -- it was quite the unplanned morning for us and trust me -- we would have much rather been at church! :)

Miriam said...

Awww thanks! :-) I do love our church family!!! (Glad Chris is feeling better!)