Saturday, July 10, 2010

Introducing Marshmellow and Alley

One of little Rebekah's friends got a hamster.  The subject has come up at home a few times, but I did NOT want a cage to change. We continued to talk about it though.  Then Peter's class got a rat for the classroom.  Peter loves this rat.

Well, Rebekah's little friend was going out of town, and asked us to watch the hamster (Winnie) while they were gone.

The kids loved him.

Look at that huge smile!

Yeah - they had a good time with that hamster.

Well, William had been discussing it all with me, and this was really the icing on the cake.  Really...did you SEE those smiles???  But I wasn't sure I wanted a hamster.  After some research, we felt like rats were a better fit for our family.  You can litter train them. :-P  They are pretty smart, and you can train them to come and a few other things.  We enjoy attempting animal training, so this really appealed to William.

First stop was PetCo.  I had found a cage for a very reasonable price at their online store.  Turns out, the cage in the store was $40 more expensive.  Also turns out, PetCo would not price match their own online store.  This resulted in us walking out of PetCo and running over to PetSmart.

Turns out, PetSmart WOULD price match PetCo's online store's price.  Things that make you say "Hmmmm...".

Da cage...

We brought home two rats.  We asked Rebekah what she wanted to name her rat.  She promptly replied "Alley!".  She then attempted to tell Peter what to pick for a name.  We tried to tell her to let him pick out a name, but she managed to squeeze out "Marshmallow!" before we could really stop her.  Peter liked the name, and chose it.

This is Alley.  She's pretty shy and after 3 days is 
just now starting to come out of her cage.

This is Marshmallow.  She is NOT shy.
She came out of the box ready to explore.

The two snuggled together in their hammock.

So far, Marshmallow simply doesn't sit still.  I was worried about her going under a couch or something at first, and William said "Even if she does, she'll come out in a minute or two.  The rat doesn't sit still!"  And she doesn't.  But she hasn't offered to go under the couch yet.  Her FAVORITE thing to do is run around on top of them back and forth and climb all over them.

Alley, as I said, is very shy.  We have been allowing the rats to come as they choose.  So far, Alley has been choosing to stay inside.  Tonight she came out for William and has been hanging out by him.  She kept running up his shorts actually...and wouldn't come out.  So we got a little hat (that the kids pulled out earlier) and let her hang out in it instead.  She will sit in the hat and peep out...and every once in awhile run out.  But if anyone moves, she runs right back in.

I guess you could say Alley has a very healthy dose of rat fear.  Marshmallow on the other hand...well, she hasn't feared anything.  She was climbing all over Solomon the first night.  (No worries - he doesn't care as long as she stays away from his feet.  If she doesn't, he hops up, careful not to step on her and runs away.)

They are pretty cute and I'm looking forward to rat ownership!

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