Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Ballet

Rebekah starts ballet next week.  She is SUPER excited and has been waiting all summer for this.  She asked to take the classes last spring, but the 'semester' had already started.  So we decided to wait until fall to get her started.

Of course, with new class comes new supplies.  We needed get a leotard, tights and shoes.  This shopping trip we picked up the leotard, tights and went ahead and got her a demi skirt. :-)

I tried the ol' "hold up the clothes" trick, but I couldn't really tell which size would be better.  So we headed over to the dressing room.  This was her first trip and she was pretty excited.

What's not to like with so many mirrors?

Rebekah posed...

...and practiced dancing.

We picked a size - even trying them on I had a tough decision.  One fit perfectly...but you know how kids grow!  So a perfect fit means it won't last long.  But the other was simply too I went with the perfect fit and expect to have to replace it rather sooner than later.

Rebekah tried on the entire outfit when she got home, but I didn't get a picture. She is pretty excited about starting the class next Saturday.  Of course you can count on pictures then.  We've gotten the shoes and now she is all set and counting days.  I don't think she has waited for anything ever, so of course this has been a great learning experience for her.  Patience is a virtue of course!

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