Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: Eclipse and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I'm taking a tiny break from reliving the birth of Ruth to write a review.  One fun thing to do while nursing (besides starring at my beautiful baby) is to read.  I had two books on my shelf that had been sitting there for awhile, so I read them.  The first was Eclipse and the second was Breaking Dawn, both by Stephenie Meyer.

I started Eclipse the weekend Ruth was born.  I started Breaking Dawn about a week ago or so and finished it the night before last.  Even though both books are long, they are very fast reads.  And even though they are fast...they are a bit painful.  The bottom line is that Stephenie is not a very good writer.  What she does have is a very captivating story.  But goodness the woman needs to expand her vocabulary.  For example, in Breaking Dawn everyone "mutters".  Edward muttered this, Alice muttered that.  Mutter mutter mutter.  I get that everyone has super hearing.  We do not need to kill this point.

I also really dislike Bella.  She is one of the most selfish "heroines" ever.  You can see this in Eclipse.  Sure...sometimes her selfishness ended up working out for the best.  But that doesn't really discount the fact (in my mind) that she was still selfish.

It was nice to see that Bella could finally make herself useful in Breaking Dawn.  Took her long enough...that is all I have to say.  (And I do realize she was 'mere human' previously...but still.  The girl had no brains!)

I think the final thing that thoroughly annoyed me occurred similarly in BOTH books.  I think Stephenie was simply trying (poorly) to make a mystery.  But what ended up happening was she made the Cullens look like complete idiots.  Once it was pointed out that a vampire army was being created, I knew why it was created and by whom.  The Cullens didn't have it figured out until near the end...when Bella pointed it out.  (I think this was a poor attempt to make Bella look useful...but that was not the result in my mind.)  So the Cullens, who are supposed to be experts in Vampire behavior, culture, etc...didn't have this plot figured out until little Ms. Bella puts it all together for them?  Really?  I don't think so.

It was similar in Breaking Dawn, only it was Bella being an idiot.  Dreaming every night about the Volturi and when they are coming she can't figure out what they want immediately?  In my opinion she should have known before it was ever brought up that the Volturi were coming.

So I guess the sum of my review...if you are super bored and have time, the books.  They aren't the worst books ever.  They DO have a good storyline...they are just poorly executed.  If you don't have a lot of time on your hands or if you have better books to read, then I suggest you just watch the movies. :-)  I've seen the first two.  They pretty well capture everything so you'll be saving yourself quite a bit of time.  And this is the very first time ever I think I've suggested skipping the book and going to the movie!  One for the record books!

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