Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So far behind...

The good news is I took notes shortly after the birth so I wouldn't forget anything.  The bad news is I haven't had time to finish anything.  I'm sure that is surprising...actually, I'm a bit surprised myself.  It'll happen!  I got the pictures pulled off my that is a huge step.

in the mean time - I thought I'd share a few tidbits about life.  Nothing long - as I should be in bed already.  :-)

- Peter still calls Ruth "baby bean".  Cracks me up.
- He also loves to gives his sister kisses and hugs (and let me tell you - hugs from a 3 yo will leave Ruth one tough little girl).  He absolutely adores her...I'm actually surprised at how fond he is.  I had been worried he would be jealous...but he really isn't.  (There HAVE been some small behavior things...but none specifically aimed at her...nothing but adoration.)
- Peter also loves to help change her diapers...this includes wiping her.  Poop does not discourage him.

- Rebekah loves holding Ruth.
- The other day William went to the store and took Peter.  She at first wanted to go, but I told her I had an important job for her...I needed her to watch Ruth while I took a shower.  She sat by the swing and literally WATCHED her the entire time.  (My showers are about 20 min long!)  She happily reported that Ruth was fine when I got out.
- Rebekah loves to sing to Ruth when she cries.  Ruth actually calms down when Rebekah sings to her.

And a few things about Ruth...
- She enjoys pooping in a brand new diaper.
- She hates diaper changes.
- She is very expressive with her face.  I've seen huge grins and smiles and even a laugh (accompanied by a smile).  I've also seen her frown, pout and look mad (eyes furrowed and mouth scrunched).  I have yet to get any pictures of these...
- She is already working on holding her head up...actually, she was doing this in the hospital.  I had her on my shoulder while a nurse was checking my blood pressure.  Ruth lifted her head and the nurse responded "Hey!  You aren't supposed to be able to do that!"  A few people have also commented on how strong she is.
- She is also very fond of the 3 AM party.  She'll go back to sleep...but then wake up 15 min later. 

And with THAT note...I'm calling it good.  I need to get to sleep, as it is almost midnight.  I'm hoping I don't pay for this tomorrow.

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