Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ballet Open House

Rebekah's ballet class had an open house for their last class before Christmas.  Basically, friends and family were invited to come and watch a regular ballet class.  The class is a combination of ballet and tap with some tumbling.  They setup chairs in the studio, so we got to actually hear what was going on.  Normally I can see, but can't hear very well.  There is a window into the studio.

We of course video taped the entire ballet class, but I'm not going to post an hour worth of video.  Yes, it is absolute cuteness...but I know I wouldn't watch the entire thing if it wasn't for my kid. :-)  However, I will try to (at some point) get the clip of Rebekah during circle time for tap.  They each pick their favorite move and then the whole class does it.  This particular day, Rebekah chose one of the more complicated moves.  I think it is called a shuffle-tap-stomp or something like that.

For the ballet portion, Rebekah was chosen to be up front with the teachers.  This was a huge honor for her and she was very proud.  They had run out of "foot prints" and had one more girl so that was really why they did it (and she is the oldest and often chosen for such leadership roles)...but it doesn't really matter their motivation.  It matter how Rebekah viewed it.  And she viewed it as a huge honor.

Rebekah was great and we had a great time.  William missed a good chunk of her class because he had to run home and get the ornament Rebekah had made for the Christmas tree there.  (All the girls were invited to put an ornament on the tree.  They wanted it to have the year, a picture of the dancer and the year.)  We gave her the option of William watching and no ornament or him running home to get it.  She really wanted to put that on the tree.  BUT he did get to see her in circle time for the tap portion, so that was really the highlight of the class.

Incidentally, this is why I have no shots of her doing tap. ;-)  I was video taping the entire time.

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