Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rebekah at 5

I realized I hadn't posted much about milestones about Peter or Rebekah since...well, since they were babies.  Since they are older now, their "milestones" aren't really so clear...not like "Oh hey they took a step!"

So - things Rebekah is working on...

- Reading.  She knows probably 100 sight words and can sound out a lot of words.  She LOVES picking up books and reading them and is tickled pink if it is a brand new word.  She gets a little overwhelmed if there are too many words on a page, even if she knows them all.  So I need to work with her on that.

- 'Tude with a capital T.  No seriously.  She has told us many times that something is "none of your business".  Our standard response has been "EVERYTHING is our business!"  I think she is catching on.  I caught her telling Peter that the other day.

- Math.  Rebekah loves math.  OK - she loves learning.  She loves useless facts and tidbits too.  The girl is a knowledge vacuum.

- Social butterfly.  The girl is a social butterfly.  She has a deep love for people in general and isn't afraid of talking to people. And talk she will.  The girl is a chatter and will tell you everything that is running through her mind.

 Rebekah makes me smile almost daily and when she isn't make me laugh and smile, she is making me pull out my hair.  I love this age though.  Her logic and inquiry is just plain precious.

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