Friday, May 27, 2011

Ruth at 7 andahalfmonthsbutwhoiscounting old

Oh boy...I can't believe Ruth is already 7 AND A HALF months old.  HOW did this happen?

And for her 7 month birthday she has begun sitting up for short bursts.  At first it was with a toy between her legs.  NOW she can sit there and balance herself (even putting an arm down to steady herself) for a minute or two...maybe a little longer.

OH BOY.  That is all I can say.  It is going by way too fast.  I meant to write this post a couple weeks ago but I put it off ONE NIGHT and here we are 2 weeks later.  Here are a few other Ruth facts!

  • She is still fiercely independent.  She does not mind playing by herself in the least bit.
  • But she doesn't like to be lonely.  So she will do better for longer if someone in is in the room with her.
  • She likes TV.  Yikes.  Rebekah at this age also liked TV and is now a TV zombie.  So I believe I have another TV zombie on my hands.  (Peter is not.  He wasn't even interested in the TV until maybe 8 mo ago or so.)
  • She likes food.  She gets mad if we do not feed her when we eat.  So I've been trying to incorporate feeding her every day.  (I mean SOLIDS!  Of course I feed her every day! LOL)
  • I believe this translates into she wants to be like everyone else. ;-)  I picture Rebekah and Peter running around doing their thing with Ruth trailing behind as soon as she figures out how to trail behind... :-P
  • She is a very smilee baby and will smile at anyone.  They just have to say "hello!"  And it usually isn't a little smile, but a big gigantic gummy smile that takes up her whole face.  Of course this makes her a crowd pleaser at church!
  • Ruth likes toys.  Rebekah never played with toys much (still doesn't really...she will if you do with her but doesn't by herself).  Peter plays independently by himself and has an amazing imagination.  Ruth likes to fiddle with toys and plays with them even more than I recall Peter playing with them.  There are a few that she plays with that I know the other two did not.  She just loves toys!  (This makes car trips nice...she is pretty easy to entertain!)
  • She both sucks her thumb and takes a pacifier.  I'm hoping this means she will be able to give her thumb up a little easier than it has been for Rebekah.  
Ruth is a delight.  Babies are amazing in that it doesn't take long at all and you can't remember life before them.  I don't know what our family did before Ruth came along.

And I am so blessed that all my kids adore one another.  Peter HAS to play with Ruth every morning and pledge his undying love to her.  If he doesn't, his day just does not go right.  (It is cute hear a 3 yo boy talk in a high pitched voice telling his baby sister how she is the cutest baby in the world!)  Rebekah loves caring for Ruth, holding Ruth and making Ruth smile.  And BOTH kids will run in and say "ALERT ALERT!  Ruth wants [insert whatever they think here]" whenever Ruth cries. :-P

Ruth has started grabbing.  And of course she will grab whatever she can.  So Peter has started introducing Ruth like this..."This is my baby.  She pull hair so be careful."  LMHO!

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