Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eyeing my next race

I've been on the hunt for my next race.  I'm already entered in the Prairie Fire Mayor's 5K race...but I'm interested in doing some more. :)  I really enjoy races from the spirit of it all!

At first I found a 10K on Oct 1 I thought about doing.  William is already busy that day, and after some thought I don't really think I have enough time to really give it my all.  Plus - it is a $40 entrance fee.  Yikes!  I realize it is a benefit run...but that seems high for a race that I'm not all that prepared for.

So I'm still tossing around the idea but probably will not do that one.

The next promising one is Oct 23rd and is an 8K.  I have not run this distance yet, but I feel CERTAIN I could get there by then.  I'm really close...I'm already doing 4 miles for my "long runs".  The ONLY thing is that it appears that it all needs to be done in 1:15.  I'm not entirely sure that is true, but I am sure that I may be barely able to finish by then.

But you know what?

It doesn't hurt to try.

So I'm considering THAT one.

There is also a big party afterwards, which just seems FUN!

What I'd really like is a 10K that is out there to really cause me to train.  I'm seriously considering doing a half marathon in the spring.  I'd love to have one picked out already so that I can start "planning" my training down to the week.  I'd love a local one - I have a friend that runs on in OKC.  It is a consideration.  We'll see!

I love racing.  So finding some more is definitely at the top of my list and peruse the calendar every couple weeks to see what is out there. :) And the more I think about it...the more I want to do this 8K...now to find a running buddy!  (Races are MORE FUN with buddies!)

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