Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peter and the tale of the tittle tatting

One of our favorite local restaurants brought back the evening buffet.  I'm not normally a huge buffet fan (I tend to overeat), but this particular one I enjoyed for the variety of foods.  It is a BBQ place and their food is pretty good.  It was one of the few places I felt "safe" to eat at when I was pregnant with Ruth.  Not only that, but I discovered I could eat a ton and my blood sugar would still be OK.

Every pg girl needs a place to simply FILL 'ER UP every once in awhile if you know what I mean.

So we ate their a lot while I was pregnant.  Probably at least once a week.

This particular place moved (probably 6 months ago) and then got rid of their evening buffet.  We were heart broken.  So we honestly didn't go very often at all anymore.

One day I was driving by and I saw a sign..."DINNER BUFFET IS BACK!"  Woo hoo I cried!  And I immediately called William to tell him the GOOD news!

It has been back on our restaurant rotation ever since!

One of the things the kids like is that they have mints and I usually let them get one on the way out.  About a week ago the kids were eating their mints, but kept taking them out of their mouths.  Sticky mint hands?  No thanks!  So a few threats later and they KNEW that if it happened ONE MORE TIME that they would be in BIG trouble.

Add to that...we've had a lot of tattle telling going on.  So we've been working with them on when to tell (someone is HURTING you or someone is going to get HURT...) and when to keep it to yourself.

So we are driving along.  Peter exclaims..."Mom!  Mom!  Mom!"  (Why on earth he has to yell my name MULTIPLE times I'll never know.)

ME:  What Peter?
P:  Rebekah took her mint out of her mouth!
ME:  *sigh*
P:  Mom!  Mom!  Mom!
ME:  What Peter?
P:  Rebekah is tittle tatting!  Dad!  Rebekah is tittle tatting!

[Insert parental giggles  here]

So not only is he the one doing the tattle telling, completely overlooking the meaning of it...he said it wrong.

I love it.

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