Monday, October 3, 2011

Peter and the Flu Shot

I took Peter to get his flu shot today.  Beforehand, I warned him he was getting his shot.  Being upfront helps him deal with whatever might be coming his way.

I asked him if he was going to be brave.  "Yeah!  I'll be brave!  But I'm going to cry when I get my shot!" he replied.  I smiled and told him that's fine!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying.

It came time for the shot and he was indeed brave.  He at first tried to hide his arms, but then he found out he had a choice between his arm or his leg...his choice!  So out came the arms (I guess he wanted it in his arm! There was really no hiding his legs...shorts and all!).  I held his hands and the nurse and I both told him to look at me.  I made some funny faces at him.  He was smiling nervously...knowing that the dreaded shot was coming...and then the nurse poked him.

He looked at the nurse indignantly and said "OW!  THAT HURT!"  I'm not sure if he was expecting us to warn him the shot was coming...what can I say?  Warning aren't always a good thing! 

But he didn't cry.

We told him GREAT JOB on his bravery and off we went to the front...I walked, he ran.  (Ok - but really...Peter runs EVERYWHERE!)  He rushed over to the stickers and looked through them to pick his out.  Then he eagerly told the check-out lady how he got a shot, now he has a sticker AND a band-aide and how cool was THAT!  I smiled and said "And did you cry Peter?"

He stopped - looked at me (like DUH were THERE!) and replied "No...I whined!"

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