Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update to the Prairie Fire 5k...

So I went and checked out the Prairie Fire website because a friend (who ran the full marathon) was gushing about how awesome my time was.  At first I smiled and blushed, thinking she had read it on FB.  I remembered we aren't FB friends  Then I thought maybe here on my blog - but she doesn't know about my blog.  I stopped her mid sentence..."Wait what?  How do you know my time?" I asked!

Well...the times they DID have they posted after all!  Hooray!  My time was 37:05.  This would be a PR for me by about 30 seconds.  WOW!  And I was so close to being in that 36 minute range...SO CLOSE!

Whew...I feel so much better having my "official" (as it can be in this situation) time!  A PR! WOO HOO!

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Rebecca said...

Awesome Miriam! That is SO cool!