Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Funny's: A week in review

This week William received some crappy news from work.  Then we had the following conversation:

ME:  Wow, you must be to GO TO guy to crap on!
HIM:  NO!  It is fertilizer!  Flowers must be fertilized before they bloom!

He has a rather optimistic view on the outcome.  It WILL be crappy for awhile - and hopefully his boss follows through with unofficial promises.  But - I'm not holding my breath.


The other night we let Peter and Rebekah watch Captain America.  (I'm still on the fence about this decision...HA!)  Anyway...during the movie Rebekah says "Mom, is there a girl Captain America?"  Nope.  "Well what GOOD is this movie?"  HAHAHA! That's my girl!

Then Peter goes on and on and on about how he LOVES Captain America...he wants to BE Captain America when he grows up!  He wants a costume!  Rebekah looks at him and says "He doesn't even fly!  You could at least pick a hero that flies!"  Peter replies "I DON'T CARE! I LOVE CAPTAIN AMERICA!"

I'm not really sure why either...Rebekah again has a point. ;-)


I was picking Peter up from daycare.  The director and a teacher were playing a game with the kids.  I waited until they were done because I wasn't really in a hurry and it looked like a fun game.

When it was done, the director said they were going to play "Farmer in the Del".  Peter says "MOM!  CAN I STAY AND PLAY?"  I replied that probably not - we should get going.  Ms. Director smiles and says "Peter, we'll play again another time!  You can be the farmer!  Or perhaps a kitten or pig!"  Peter smiles real big and says "Or a princess?" little boy.


There were actually more - but I am drawing a blank.  Why is why I should write them down before I forget!

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