Friday, December 23, 2011

A little encouragement - God style

Two Fridays ago I woke up in the middle of the night to a noise.  "OH NO! PETER IS PEEING ON THE CARPET!" I thought to myself as I groggily woke up.  Then I wasn't pee.  "Peter?  Are you OK?" I called out.  "It's me mom!  Not Peter!" Rebekah replied.

Once I cleared the blurry out of my eyes I realized Rebekah was puking.  In the hallway.  I cleaned her up, woke William up to make sure her bed was OK and got the mess in the hall cleaned up.  Clearly - she was sick.

The icky sickies made their rounds.Ruth got it Saturday (again - started in the middle of the night), but seemed to pass over Peter.  I thought we were past it when on Tuesday I started feeling a little funny.  I ate some lunch and felt a little better - but then William told me he went home sick.  Poor fella.

By the time I made it home he was horizontal in bed and unmoving.  He was most definitely sick.  I worked to cook dinner, and began to feel worse and worse.

After I got it started I left to pick up the kids while it cooked.

Sometimes you just do.  I was definitely in do mode.  As the kid ate dinner I felt the illness creeping up on me.  Before I knew I just felt awful if I was standing upright.  I curled up in the floor of the dining room as they ate and I wondered how I was going to get them into bed.

Then a little thought entered my was the Lord whispering to me I'm sure.  "Have the kids pray for you!" He said.  So I called them over and asked them to pray for me.

I was not immediately healed - but I was so much better that I could sit up.  I got the kids to bed without issue.  Ruth went sleep and I immediately followed to bed.

I never threw up.  I didn't have any of the other symptoms (fever for example) that the others had.  I just felt yucky.  But I felt blessed that I just felt yucky.  I don't particularly enjoy throwing up.

I slept until noon (something I can't remember the last time I did...) and then moved the couch where I remained horizontal for the rest of the day.  William took the day off but was better.  Much better.

It really is crappy when BOTH parents in a household and get sick.  And I'll admit it - I was a little jealous that the one time I was sick, William was also sick.  (I actually can't remember the last time just *I* was sick.)  And that he got to lay down.  But I know I also didn't want to be as sick as he was.  So I did the best I could to take care of everyone.

I found the whole situation encouraging.  Why you ask?  Because the Lord took the time to give me what I needed when I needed it - even though small.  I received the energy to take care of the kids.  I got to sleep in and rest the next day.  And the following day - a day I had set aside to get ALL of my Christmas shopping DONE...I was better enough to get it all done.

To me?  A miracle.  

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