Sunday, December 4, 2011

The tooth fairy finally visited...

Rebekah has been telling me all about the tooth fairy lately.  I actually appreciate this - so I know exactly what she is expecting.  I was sure to ask lots of questions so that there were no last minute surprises.  (One mom-friend of mine found out that the tooth fairy left fairy dust behind on the eve of a visit to her house...she has a rather hilarious-because-it-wasn't-me story involving the robbing of glitter from Christmas ornaments...)

Per Rebekah - the tooth fairy comes in your room at night when everyone is sleeping.  Well...she doesn't just come into your room.  She poofs into your room.  This was rather important because Peter sleeps by the window...and we certainly didn't want her coming in through the window and waking Peter.  Ms. Tooth Fairy slides the money under your pillow and takes the tooth.  And if you happen to lose the lost worries because you can just leave her a letter letting her know it was lost.

Rebekah has no idea what she does with the teeth...and I personally think it is a little weird poofing into sleeping children's rooms and buying their gross used teeth.  But who am I?

Her first tooth started to wiggle around Ruth's first birthday.  William finally yanked it out with dental floss (which was a rather hilarious event in and of itself) on a day Rebekah happened to be running a fever and stayed home from school (November 9th).  We did it because she had banged it the day before and she was complaining it was bothering her.

I asked Rebekah how much the tooth fairy would leave - and she replied "Oh, probably a 10 and some quarters."  I said "Wow!  The tooth fairy must have a lot of cash!  She might leave less you know..."  She shrugged her shoulders and said we'd find out in the morning.

Rebekah ended up getting $5.55.  The $0.55 was two quarters and a nickel.  Rather random...I guess it was all the change Ms. Tooth Fairy had?  I also told Rebekah that I bet she doesn't get so much next was a FIRST tooth after all!

We already have a second wiggly tooth.  She is hoping to lose one at school, because you get some sort of treasure box or something to put it in if that happens. LOL

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