Thursday, January 5, 2012

The rules at our house...

WARNING: If you have an aversion to discussing bottoms or excrement, this post is not for you.

Having kids opens up all sorts of new and interesting rules for a household.  Here are a few of ours...

1)  No pooping in the backyard unless you are actually a dog.
2)  No smelling other people's butts.  (We actually prefer the dog not do this either.)
3)  No pooping in the closet.

And we have since amended rules 1 and 2 to simply state "No pooping anywhere other than the toilette."  Lord help us if we ever need anyone to poop somewhere...other than a toilette.

With that said - we had a fun interesting comical conversation in our house the other day.  P was wallering me in my lap.  He kept putting his head in my face.  Then he turned around and put his feet in my face.

"Peter!  What ARE you doing?  I'd rather not smell your feet!"

William laughed...because...well, it wasn't him.  Then he piped up "Yeah, maybe she wants to smell your butt?"

Without missing a beat and with utter sincerity, Peter replied "But I didn't toot!"  And he hopped up and ran down the hallway leaving William and I to laugh ourselves silly.

Peter then ran back and started climbing all over William...and of course he kept trying to sniff William's butt.  William said "Why do you like to smell butts so much!" dearest little ornery Peter...smiled really big and said "I dunno!  That's just the way God made me!"

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