Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ruth at...15 (FIFTEEN!?!?!) months

So - I looked back to see when the last time I did one of these posts was...and apparently it was a whopping FIVE months ago.  I'm not entirely surprised...

So what IS Ruth doing at 15 months?

She began taking her first few little steps in December.  I couldn't believe she took so long - apparently it is true that the siblings take longer to walk.  Heck - she was dancing and climbing before she walked.  Lazy lazy girl. ;-)

And on Christmas she walked across the room for the first time.  I guess Merry Christmas to ME!  I was pretty thrilled.  With this big milestone means she gets to move on to what we call around our house "school".  This Wednesday (oh...TOMORROW!) she goes for a half day, Thursday another half day and then all day on Friday.  We've been visiting her room in the mornings at drop off so she can familiarize herself.

In other news, Ruth loves dancing.  As I mentioned she was dancing before she was walking.  She'll stand up and bounce up and down.  Now that she is walking she'll pivot on one foot in a circle with her hands straight in the air...bouncing.  She LOVES music.  I foresee more dancing lessons in my future.

Ruth is also a ham.  She is fond of making food stick out of her mouth at dinner (in a funny fashion) and wait for you to notice.  And she loves to participate.  Our kids love to quote Despicable Me...the part in the movie where Gru is giving the girls "the rules"...and the youngest, Agnes, smacks her cheeks and makes a clucking noise and asks if it is annoying.  Gru responds "YES!  THAT IS VERY ANNOYING!"

So - Ruth started doing this over the weekend.  Of course we respond (laughing) "THAT IS VERY ANNOYING!" in our best "Gru" voice.  And Ruth laaaaauuuuuughs and laughs.

Another fun thing...at dinner each night we give the kids the opportunity to pray over dinner.  They are fond of reciting the prayers they learn at school.  When Peter does it, he starts with the attention part...he opens his hands, then makes a fist...and says "Open and close them, open and close them, give our hands a clap clap clap!"  Well as soon as we ask "Who wants to pray?" she has started doing the motions! LOL 

Let's see - OH!  Ruth has two responses when she gets into "trouble".  First is she takes off as fast as she can running away laughing hysterically.  Her other response is to burst out into big alligator tears sobbing as if you just smacked her across the room.  And you really never know which you are going to get.  Makes for fun times.

She is still fitting into her 12 mo clothes, but they are starting to fit snug.  18 mo is still a little large.  Crazy.  But her head?  Yeah - I bought TWO hats sized "2T-5T"...one is really tight and the other just barely "fits". The girl definitely has a head on her.

It is still mind boggling for me to think about how she has been in our lives for such a short time.  I can't fathom life without her.  It is funny how children wheezle their way into your life like that!

One last game Ruth likes to play...she is discovering verbal communication.  So this particular conversation has been stuck on repeat...

Ruth: Mama! Mama! Mama!!!
Me: Yes Ruth?
Ruth: [giggles hysterically] Mama! Mama! Mama!
Me: What Ruth?
Ruth: [giggles hysterically]
--> Rinse and repeat for (what seems like) HOURS...

She has been playing around with "buh-by" for (we think) Peter and "buh-buh" for Rebekah.  And of course the ol' point and "AH!" has worked pretty well for her! :)

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