Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goodbye Allie: The funeral

I had to post about this because it was just too hilarious to NOT post.

Yes...I used the word hilarious...and the title of the post mentions a funeral.  I guess we can't always be serious.

The funeral was for Alley.

So we determined an empty girl scout cookie box would do the trick for a coffin.  William found the perfect one of course and had the hole dug by the time I got home with the kids.  Rebekah and Peter really wanted to see Allie, so he opened up the box to show them that yep - she was really in there.

Because her eyes were open we then had to convince the kids that she was in fact dead.  Peter was SURE he saw her breathing.  (sigh)

William then bent over to put the box in the hole...and she fell right out.  William and I couldn't help but laugh.  He got her put back in the box and we let the kids each say something.

Rebekah said Alley was the best rat every because Allie was her rat.

Peter said he loved it best when Marshmallow was alive before she had her tumor.  Rebekah objected...because that wasn't about Alley exactly...but we told her it was fine.

I said I thought it was funny how Allie always hid her food.  (Nutty rat...I'm sure I missed a feeding or two because she always emptied the bowl right away.)

Then William said we'd miss her, but at least she was with Jesus.

Peter looked up and exclaimed "No she isn't!  She's right there!" emphatically pointing to the BOX in the ground.  I didn't really even try to explain how her body was THERE.  (We did have a conversation about this later.  He still didn't get it but that's ok.)

Once the laughter subsided from Peter's comment William filled in the hole.  We went back inside but the kids wanted to go back out and play.  We called them in later and they were covered in mud.  I didn't even have to ask where they were digging.  Peter excited told me he had been digging (and even demonstrated) so that he could see Alley again.

So we now have a new house rule.  No digging up dead pets.

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