Sunday, February 5, 2012

Smack upside the head

This morning William and I were having a theological discussion.  William felt like God didn't really care about details (such as who you marry or how many kids you had).  I had to disagree.  I think my exact words went something like "Have you even read the New Testament?"  ;-)

I left the discussion a little sad because we had to agree to disagree.  I was sad because honestly - if God didn't care about those things then really what would He possibly care about?  And William didn't see that.

Off to church we went.  William ended up singing, even though we were late. After praise and worship our pastor started speaking.  And the gist of his message pretty much had to do with how God cared about the details of our lives.

I of course nudged William.  He laughed and leaned over and whispered "Yeah, God was talking to me about that during praise and worship."  I replied "Sounds like He's beating you over the head to make sure you get it!" 

"Yeah - sometimes I need it."

I could help but feel a little giddy.  Why?  Because not only does God care about the details, he cares enough about them to make sure my husband KNOWS that he cares about them. :) 

God is going to do big things in our lives this year.  We have been hit with a rather large tax bill...again.  But He's already given us a way to pay it.  He's given William a promotion.  He's promised to pay off our remaining debt (minus the house) this year.  And He has asked us to contribute to faith promise this year.  That's a lot of money.  And if we were to add it all up...well it wouldn't.  So I'm really interested to see what things look like in January of next year.

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