Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just keep going, going, going...

I realize I haven't written much lately.  Instead of trying to explain my absence, I'm just going to keep writing as if I never was gone. :)

These past few weeks have been tough mentally running-wise.  My knee was acting up and I began to wonder if I was even going to be able to run this half marathon.  It also was pretty darn windy.  And two weeks straight of running in windy conditions I actually turned to the dreadmill. 

For my knee, a couple friends suggested maybe I had upped my miles too quickly.  I reviewed my training (a perk of writing everything down), and I found that had indeed been the case.  I had perpetually missed a run here and there - and suddenly I had gotten them ALL in.  So while I had increased my weekly long runs very gradually, I had a huge spike in my overall weekly mileage.  The jump was from 13 to 20 miles - so not small.

I took a weekend off and ran a very easy 4 miles for my long run to ease up on my miles.  And this past weekend I set myself up to again try another long run - 9 miles.  I was rather nervous about this run to be honest.  I had decided if it didn't go well I wouldn't do the half after all.  I need to know that I had some chance of being successful at this race.

Saturday approached and I found myself running the entire 9 miles alone.  Typically I can scrounge up a running partner for at least part of it - but it just hadn't worked out.  I wasn't really happy about that - well...that probably isn't a fair description.  Ever been in a crowded room and felt completely alone?  It was more of that feeling.  I know all sorts of runners - yet I couldn't find anyone to run with.  And it really messed with my head.  After about mile 2.5 a song came on - and I honestly don't know which one.  The Lord just spoke to my heart and convinced me to use the time to spend with Him.  The song fit perfectly and it was a light bulb moment for me.  He reminded me I wasn't really ever truly alone and no matter what was going on with people around me - He was He has been through-out my life.  So I was finally able to let that go and enjoy myself and the pretty day that was before me.

And boy was it a beautiful day. It was such a blessing!  I had checked the weather Fri and it showed that it was supposed to rain.  I guess the rain was a day late - because it has been raining all day today.  It wasn't too terribly windy (just a good gust here and there), too hot nor too cold...really just a beautiful day.  And I soaked it all in.

My knee did tighten up a few times and I found that running and stretching out my leg (tough to explain) did the trick.  I had no knee pain during or after or the next day.  I completed my 9 miles and am so proud of that run.  My training seems to be fitting together.  Next week I'm scheduled for a 10 miler.  I'll be in hilly OK where I will again meet my old nemesis the Hill of Death. But getting away and running for over 2 hrs will be a cinch (and honestly probably a welcome break).  The following week I'm signed up for a 5K - so just in time for a "rest" weekend.  (I may throw in a couple extra miles this weekend...3 seems so small anymore.)

I'm blessed by my creator.  He takes the time to hang out with me - even if maybe sometimes He isn't my first (or second, third or fourth) choice.  If this sounds hokey, then it is probably because you've never been there.  Truth is truth.

Oh - and I have more to say about Sarah.  I've moved on in my studies but haven't had time to go back and write down my last few thoughts on Sarah.  While I've read Genesis before - I've really been amazed at all the new things I've learned.  Like how slow of a learner Jacob was.  After reading about Jacob, I just realized that some people will NEVER follow Christ no matter how apparent He has made himself in their life.  (Jacob was pretty slow...sure he came around...but it was A LONG TIME before he finally claimed God as his own!)  More to come... :)

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Janette said...

Wow, Miriam -- this post in itself is just amazing! Can you remember back to your original post (probably on fb) that said something to the effect of "I want to run a 5K, but did I just really say that as I'm not a runner?". And NOW you're talking about running a half-marathon..and 3 miles seems too small...and an "easy" 9 miles. ALL of those sentences are awesome and you should be gloating! So proud of you and your accomplishments -- keep going -- before long you'll be signed up to run a full marathon! :) Congrats on your achievements, my friend!!