Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ruth at...oh, I've stopped counting

I'm really not sure where July went.  In fact, when I realized that the second week of July meant July was half over, I sort of went to August and I've been living there ever since.  That just means I have to continually remind myself...it really is still July.

I have much to talk about...my trip to Denver, our 4th of July and VBS.  But today I'm just going to talk about little Ruth - who is becoming less and less little.

This past weekend she determined she was going to pick her clothes out.  She stood thoughtfully in front of her drawer with her finger on her chin saying "Hummmmm".  She'd select something, hold it up and put it back.  She finally found something to wear and then threw a fit because she hadn't gotten to pick out...her diaper.  So William set her down and let her go over and pick out a diaper.

William claims this is a sure sign that boys are different from girls.  But I recall Peter coming in and bawling that he couldn't find his favorite shirt just last week.  And just about 6 wks ago we had a catastrophe when he wanted to wear jean shorts, but had none clean. I won't even get into underwear choices.  "No mom, I'm not wearing Mr. Incredible today.  I want Spiderman."  Thankfully since I've been behind on laundry, he is more than willing to look through laundry baskets to find what he wants.

I'll let William live in his bubble. :)

Peter has been getting on the couch and doing "hand stands"...you know, feet in the air, back against the couch.  Rebekah has started getting in on the action.  This has lead to Ruth attempting the feat too.  Her's looks a little different - head and one foot firmly planted on the couch, butt in the air with one foot waiving in the wind.  And she shouts "Maaammmmaaaaaa!" until I tell her I've seen her.  Everyone else can tell her good job - but she continues to shout until I say something.

Ruth is still nursing.  Shocking I know.  We are down to one time a day now, which is at bedtime.  She is a little strange in how she asks.  She looks up at me and says "uh uh O" - kinda like crying but not exactly.  It is very hard to type out - but it cracks me up every time.  I have no idea how or why she came up with this "noise".  (Peter said "babu" and Rebekah just pointed - for comparison.)  We'll probably be weaning off that last session soonish.

Ruth has a temper.  She gives you a moment or two to meet her demands...but if you don't OH MY.  And she has taken to slapping, hitting and biting.  (The older two claim to have no idea where she learned this behavior...even though I yell daily "Don't hit each other!" ;-) )  Ruth will get a very determined look on her face, bring back her little hand - staring you down all the while - and *WHAP*.  You get hit.  She'll stick her little lip out and pout that she isn't getting whatever it is she felt she was being deprived of.  Kinda cute, but obviously behavior we are trying to stop.

She answers NO to everything.  Short little whiny no's are generally really no.  Longer happier sing-songy no's are typically really yes.  We still get it wrong sometimes - which results in more slapping.

Ruth hasn't mastered jumping yet, but sure does practice diligently.  And she tries to jump in all sorts of inappropriate times.  For example - on the couch.  Or the other day she tried jumping off the front step (which she has to hold on to the wall to WALK down...).  Physical limitations be dammed.  In her head, she can do it.  So that must be all there is to it.

Ruth is also getting taller and is getting into all sorts of stuff.  And so - I'm in denial about my baby getting bigger.  I still put things on the edge of the counter and then wonder how she got it.

She will be turning 2 in October.  If I stop to count the time - it really isn't that far.  Which is why I've stopped counting.  I'll stick my head in the sand and then maybe her birthday will never come.  Maybe I'll just continue to hang out in August.

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