Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Beth Moore: Fire in your bones

Saturday I attended a Beth Moore event.  I've only seen parts of two videos of her speaking before, but am well aware that her Bible studies are well regarded.  There are two things I appreciate about Beth Moore.

First, she is excellent at bringing the historical perspective to life.  This is important because the meanings behind the words helps to understand what they really meant.  I loved all the vocabulary definitions.

Second, she is entertaining.  Being a good story teller is an important aspect to any engaging public speaker.

I took home two truths from this all day event.  These are the things that I've been carrying around with me - thinking about constantly.  Obviously I learned a few more things.  But for those things, I'd honestly have to go check my notes.  These two things were burned into my bones.

(And seriously - what is it with the number 2 today?  I seriously am not planning this!)

The first thing I took home is that we need to cleave to the Bible.

Definition of CLEAVE

:  to adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly  

In today's time, there is a lot of questioning of the Bible.  And I have noticed (and Mrs. Moore noted) that in an effort to "win people over", we pick and choose which parts of the Bible we like and/or want.  It is almost as if we are ashamed of God Himself.

Here's the thing.  The Bible is the Bible.  It is given to us to guide us and keep us on track.  I think we can look around in today's society and understand that we really do need this unchanging, unwavering guidance.  And we need the WHOLE Bible.  Not just the first half.  And not just the second half.  Because together it brings context and understanding.

I've heard all the arguments before.  "It probably has lost its translation over the it isn't really right anyway."  "Things have been added or dropped or there are things missing."  There are so many!

I read an article the other day (here) about a discovery of a new page of the old testament.  It was a burnt piece found 45 yrs ago, but is one of the oldest found copies of the writing.  There weren't sure what it said, until technology today allowed them to read it.  Know what they found?  Levitcus.  As we have it today.

God is Sovereign.  This really hit home with me in a Bible study a few years ago when the speaker mentioned that the reason other kingdoms faded away was because something happened they didn't know about.  But God knows everything.  Think of all the times YOU were surprised!  God wasn't!  Ever!  Since He knows everything - not only will His kingdom not fade away but He is able to take care of business.  Yeah - we all have free choice.  But He knows who is gonna say YES! :)

At work I have a BUNCH of people on my team.  There are certain assignments I know I can give to certain people and they will get them down without any prodding.  There are some assignments I know that none of my team is willing to do.  Those I typically just do myself. Even though I'm leading this team - it is full of personalities that are rather strong willed.  (Meaning - I'm not going to get them to do anything they don't want to do.)  God operates in similar fashion...except better.  He knows His people far better than I know my team.

So in this sketchy time - instead of questioning the one thing God has given us to help answer questions...we need to CLEAVE to that sucker.  There is right.  There is wrong.  There is truth, forgiveness, calls for repentance, and love.  They do not cancel each other out, but they all exist at the same time.

This means...that I'm not going to be able to say "It's ok that you are sinning."  I can say "God loves you anyway."  And eventually (as with any sin), a time will come when God will ask you to choose Him over the sin.  It happens to all of us.

The other thing I took away from Beth Moore wasn't really even part of her message.  It was in the background of her message.  I realized I had fallen asleep.  I was walking through life looking around me instead of looking up.  I need to wake up.  I feel a deep stirring within me and God has already been talking my ear off.  Aside from reinforcing the message above, He has also reminded me that He made me the way I am specifically.  He reminded me that while these characteristics may seem like a bad thing, He needs them.  He reminded me that frequently He chooses work for us that isn't obviously a good fit.  But being Sovereign, He has His reasons.  (Why did He pick Gideon?  Or Jeremiah?  Or David?  Why does He pick ANYONE?) Those reasons aren't for me to question, just to trust.

What is it He has for me? I'm not sure entirely.  The message is still coming.  For now I have two (there is that number again!) tasks.  The first is to start writing.  So here I am - writing.  The second task I haven't started just yet but it is on my mind, heart and most importantly my list of things to get done. :)  It simply is to give more.

So here I go.  I anticipate it being an interesting year.

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