Tuesday, April 22, 2008

(Imported from the babababies website)

I forgot to tell this story about the birthday party.

This weekend we attended a birthday party. They had a pinata. Now, Rebekah had never seen a pinata before so I talked to her about it before the party. She knew you hit the pinata with a stick, and eventually it would open up and candy would come out.

When the pinata broke up, she ran up and grabbed a sucker. She was SOOOOO happy with the sucker and didn't bother to grab any other candy. (One of the adults did for her, thank goodness! LOL) She just walked around showing everyone her prized sucker!

I guess she is a content little girl and happy with what she has. I hope this continues The other kids of course grabbed as much as they could! But Rebekah was certainly the talk of the party. I wasn't near the area at the time (keeping Peter in the shade), and I had several people come up and tell me the story!

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