Thursday, April 3, 2008

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This past weekend we went to visit William's parents for the first time. Overall, the trip was great. I did realize what a mama's boy Peter is...I mean, I knew it before, but I think it is "worse" than I originally thought.

For example, every time I handed Peter over, I'd take two steps and he'd cry. LOL It was just amazing. William has been telling me it is ME he misses, but since he mostly held him in the evening I chalked it up the fussiness to end of the day tiredness.

A cute antidote...last night I handed Peter to William. Peter was facing me and was ok. I got up to go tend to Rebekah (leaving Peter's sight) and he immediately started to cry. I didn't realize the connection until William said something...but I thought it was kinda funny. Of course, he didn't find it so funny! :-P~

This extreme desire to be near me though does have me worried on how he will handle daycare!

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