Saturday, April 12, 2008

Three more days...

I return to work from maternity leave on Wed. I've done this before, and thought for sure that I wouldn't be so sad this time around. I knew what to expect after all...

But I think I am more sad this time around! I love my job, but I am not looking forward to leaving my baby. He is still a tad clingy and I am a bit afraid it will be a harder transition for him than it was his big sis. He starts on that he can go for half days before plunging into the world of daycare full time.

I do think if his personality was more like his sis, than it wouldn't be an issue. But, they are VERY different. Peter...well, Peter knows what he wants and will not settle for less. He will cry until he gets it. When Rebekah was a baby, she would fuss and cry a little bit...but then that was it. She NEVER cried for more than 15 minutes that I recall. People used to ask us all the time if she EVER cried. She was just a very laid back kid...still is for the most part. (She is two after all!)

It just amazes me how people are different at so young an age...right from birth really. Maybe even before! Even my pregnancies were different. When I was pg with Rebekah, I was very happy-go-lucky. With Peter, I was much more anal about things...and was so on edge that I even asked my doctor about it! LOL

Anyway...I hope Peter's personality wins over his care takers and that the just fall in love with his adorable little smile. I hope they don't get frustrated with his insistence to be taken care of immediately. And I hope that he enjoys his days overall. I hope that daycare turns out to be a similar positive influence in his life, just as it has for his sister!

And I hope my first day of work goes smoothly and quickly. My boss assures me I will have work to do! Lets hope so!

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