Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Baking

I've been negligent in posting photos. I'm going to post probably way too many. :-D Since I have so many...I'm going to split them into various categories. This particular post is dedicated to all the scrumptious Christmas goodies made this past month!

The best part of making a ginger bread house...

No, I wasn't eating the candy...

Yes...some candy actually did make it onto the house!

I think she ate more candy than she put on the house.

Finished product!!!

Rebekah was very liberal with the sprinkles...we discovered that was a good thing on sugar cookies. (This was the first time I had ever made them...with help from Pillsbury of course!)
Yes...she was very proud.

I also made a bunch of Pecan pies for various events. Rebekah helped me with most of them. She would proudly tell people that she made the pies "just for them". LOL! (It didn't matter who it was really...the pie was always just for them!) She loved pouring things into the bowl, handing me the eggs and helping to stir! And after a few pies (I made a lot of them this last season), if she knew I was going to make one she would beg to I made sure I made them at a time that she could help (except for two...which funny enough turned out kind of weird! HA HA!).

I also attended a candy making party. That was pretty fun (honestly - more fun than I thought it was going to be!!).

A dorky picture of me...making candy.

Some of the pile of goodies we made.

We made over 300 peanut butter balls.

That's about was fun. I guess now it is back to healthy eating!!!

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