Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hibernation and oboes

Each night I ask Rebekah what she has learned during the day. For awhile she started telling me it was "a secret". I thought it was cute, until that lasted for a couple months. So I began to get a little more diligent about getting information from her.

Last night I started up her show. About 5 minutes into it I paused it (the evil mom I am!). I asked her what she learned that day. "I don't know." She replied.

ME: Well, what did you do today?
R: We did calendar.
ME: Oh? What do you do for "calendar"?
R: We didn't learn about Kansas.
This was last week's theme...
ME: Well what did you learn about?
R: Oboes
ME: Oh? What is an oboe?
R: It goes like this...and it isn't a diamond!
ME: OHHHH! You mean OVAL?
R: Yes, an oboe! Can I watch my show now?

I found the entire conversation entertaining! I'm not sure where she gets all the attitude from! I'm sure it isn't me!

I checked on this weeks theme so I could ask better questions this evening. They are in fact learning about "oboes" and hibernation. There was another question of the week written down. This week was "Where do the animals go when they hibernate?" It looked like each child picked an animal that hibernates and told where it went to do so.

My daughter chose "Wolf" and "to my house". Hmm...there are an awful lot of animals living in houses around here! I wonder if it sleeps in her bed too???

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Nancy Alina Szczekocki said...

Hmm...sounds like an exact version of my conversation with Dayton when I pick him up from preschool. I sure do get a lot of "my don't knows" and "can I watch TV now?" Sometimes I think it would be entertaining to be able to observe them at school during the day without them knowing it!