Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peter's new shoes

When Rebekah turned 1 I took her to a specialty shoe store on the east side of town and got her a pair of classic baby walking shoes. Little pink flowers were on the side of the boots. I loved them.

When Peter turned 1...he wasn't walking. I had no idea when he would, so I waited. Since he started a week ago, I took him this last weekend to get a pair. Under different circumstances I would have waited a bit before throwing shoes on him...but he sorta needs to master walking in shoes before he can start at the daycare!

Peter was not thrilled with having his feet sized. That could be because he had just woken up from a 45 min nap in the car (the time it took us to get to this store). I didn't get any pictures in the store. I was by myself...otherwise I probably would have. :-)

Peter standing eating puffs with his shiny new shoes.

The shoes up close.

Great shot of some of his teeth (and shoes of course...)

Awwww...see the foot print on the bottom?
Rebekah likes to count the toes.
(Notice the blurry hand...the boy does not sit still!)

He's doing pretty well in them so far. Of course, he isn't quite walking as well as he is without shoes, but we all know he will get there. If all goes well, he should be starting the daycare next week. We are blessed.

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