Saturday, March 14, 2009

What do you do on a beautiful day?

Go to the zoo of course.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Rebekah waiting on popcorn. There are some geese on the
other side of the fence...they were also waiting on pop corn.

See? Waiting...

Peter thought the geese were pretty funny.

Kid close as one as I could get anyway.

Peter munching on said popcorn. (Rebekah had to use
the Peter and I waited on them.)

Peter likes to feed things...

The goose didn't mind.
For Peter's safety...I actually grabbed it off the ground
before the geese saw...and threw it to them...LOL

Peter very proud of himself...

Rebekah striking a cheese pose...say CHEESE!

Once I took one shot, she got excited and started
running everywhere saying "Take my picture here!"

Yet another model shot...see her snow cone?
(HINT: Its on her face and shirt...)

What a nice lizard...

Hi Mr. Bear!

The look on William's face is precious...
(That is a classic "William" look with the kids...HA HA!)

Rebekah pretending to be a bear.
Hi Mr. Prairie dog!

Rebekah wanting to pet the Prairie Dog...

I'm tough and gansta...AAAHHHH CHHHOOO!

We had an absolute ball. We topped the day off with dinner at a steak place (for their cheese fries...the steak really isn't that great there) and some ice cream. Granny and Grandpa joined us to every one's delight.

I love these Saturday's...

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Charity said...

LOVE THE MODELING PICTURES! Love all the pictures really... what a beautiful lovely day. And you said you "had nothing to report". I only wish we could have been with you...