Thursday, April 9, 2009

The highlights of West Virginia

The whirlwind sudden poorly planned West Virginia trip went off without a hitch. I'm glad I went, but at the same time I really feel like I didn't get to see my family there too much. Things were a real mess in many ways.

But even with all of that going on, my kids did not let me down in the entertainment department.

A little blurry, but it reminded me of one of those
paparazzi shots you see of famous people.

Peter of course had to try to be like his big sis...

We were very specific to get a hotel with a pool...
just so we could go swimming!

Peter waited patiently while Rebekah had her turn.
I actually was all dressed up and had intended to go to
the viewing while they just didn't work out that way.
So the kids swam and then we all went.

Rebekah had a great time...

I LOVE this picture! :-)

When Peter finally got his turn,
he wasn't scared of the water at all.

Kickin' back!

This is just way too much fun!

We were trying (again) to get a picture of all the 3...

Take 2...ahhhh...nevermind.

There was a little step at the bottom of the ladder,
and Rebekah could touch. She had fun getting
in and out.

Fun times...wheeeeee!

Hanging out in the hotel.

A little hotel fun!

I discovered the suit case to be an entirely new toy.
I'm going to remember this next time the kids get bored some Sat...

On the airplanes Peter did great. One of the flights, the stewardess kept asking me if there was anything I needed anytime Peter made a peep. I was sitting in the first seat, William was directly behind me. He told me I must have been in first class, because she never asked him if there was anything he needed. ;-)

Having an airplane snack.

Big boy sittin' in a seat.
(He usually sat in my lap...this was the only flight with an empty seat!)

Tired girl...the flights were early, I was surprised Peter was awake.

Airport fun! Who KNEW public phones could be so fun?
And the best part...WHO CARES if they call China?
I didn't put my 50 cents in... ;-)

The best entertainment of all...SISSY!!

What's so funny? My shoes?

A picture of all three...yeah, I should give up on this.

We were going to take the kids to Rain Forest Cafe, but it turns out the Rain Forest Cafe in KC closed. Ohhhhh man! But a nice person at a gas station told us about THIS restaurant. It is called "T-Rex" and had a ton of animated dinosaurs. This one below, was a Triceratops and it was actually a booth (the dino was wrapped around it). Rebekah was sticking her head IN the mouth...hysterical. Another dinosaur was right next to our table and would periodically "roar". Both kids had a blast roaring at it. They had fish tanks, a huge octopus, jelly fish, mammoths...TONS! It was just as great as Rain Forest Cafe. The kids had a blast.

WOW! You can see ALL their faces!
Too bad they are so tiny...

It was a very fast trip. It felt like we spent a lot of time going from here to there. Our purpose was accomplished though...I attended my great aunt's funeral.

Rebekah did great at the funeral. She was SO good! And I was so very proud of her. She had a ton of questions at the viewing. For example, "Why is that lady laying in that box?" Of course, at the funeral she decided she wanted to go swimming again and asked a few times if she could go.

One of my great uncles has hearing aides in each of his ears. Rebekah so very smartly asked me why he had little ears in his big ears. How perceptive!

And when we were flying both ways, Rebekah kept up with us. Again, she made me proud. We had to really hurry on our connecting flight on the way out to WV (we had 30 minutes, and barely made it!). Then, when leaving we were a bit late to the airport. The security lines were long, and we were put into a "family line". Turns out -- that is where they put the slow people. A very nice security guard took pity on us and sent us through the employee line and we again barely made out flight. In all this hurry and shuffling -- Rebekah pulled her little suit case and ran with us. No whining, no running off, she just did what she was told.

I also got to briefly see my dear Great Aunt Irene. It was such a relief to see her sweet kind face and chat with her a bit. :-) She got to meet Peter...and a miracle happened. Peter LOVED my mom's cousin Esther. Seriously! He walked up to her and asked her to pick him up. This never happens with Peter, and I think it really says something about Esther!


Nancy Alina Szczekocki said...

I'm cringing (sp?) at the picture of the kids playing with the public telephone at the airport!!! LOL!

Miriam said...

LOL! If I had as much illness in the family as you have had, I'd probably be more cautious about such things. But as it is...I was like "Hey, they are occupied! WOO HOO!" :-)