Monday, April 13, 2009

Rebekah's school pictures

Peter missed being there for school pictures by a few days...I was bummed and even thought about asking if they'd take his picture, but didn't. This particular school photographer is pretty good. At Rebekah's previous school, we never bought the photos.

This fella I think does a fabulous job of capturing her! Even better -- he's very affordable.



Charity said...

Holy Cow! The photographer is wonderful but the subject is beautiful! I love that read hair. Addie wants to know why we call it red hair, when it's actually orange-ish?


Miriam said...

I think that is an excellent question! I have no idea! :-)

And thanks for the sweet comments!

Nancy Alina Szczekocki said...

Those are GREAT pictures!

Janette said...

Wow -- what GREAT pictures!! Who is the photographer? Just wondered if it was the same one who did my boys' preschool pics. Too bad Peter missed the pics -- he would have been just as cute...errr I mean handsome! :)