Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another sleepy Saturday...but sleep

Last night was a weird night...Rebekah was up. If I recall, she had fallen asleep? William dealt with her. All I remember is him asking me where her "star blankie" was. I mumbled it was in my car, and when I woke up the next morning there was Rebekah and her star blankie! Oh my...

So William was already dragging today. And today happened to be the wedding of some friend's who go to our church. We went for breakfast, then I convinced him to take the kids to the park to wear them out, so that maybe they could get their naps in.

Peter loved this bouncy thing...

Bubble girl!

Hey, where is everyone?

The park has water/sand toys that the kids can play with. There is often trash around it from where people have given their kids old water bottles, cups or whatever for their kids to play with. Rebekah found a juice bottle...yes, I let her play with it. She wasn't drinking out of it or anything!

Peter running his hand under the water...
Little boy heaven!

Proof...the kids can play together. ;-)

The other water spicket got crowded, so she went to this secondary one.

Hey sissy, there is water coming out this end too!

We didn't get to stay for very long, before we headed home for nap. I was tired, but no nap for me! I still had to run out and get a present for the happy couple. I took the lazy route and went card/money. Everyone can use cold hard cash... :-)

The kids did GREAT...there were a couple moments where I was a little worried, but I received numerous "I didn't see you at the wedding" reports at the reception. :-) So it couldn't have been THAT bad!

Rebekah sitting in the pew, waiting for the wedding to start.

Rebekah was pretty excited to go to the "party". We told her it was a party to celebrate Danielle marrying a BOY! lol (She didn't really know Grayson.)

A kids game they played with the kids...sorta like musical chairs only all the kids had to pile in the chairs. Rebekah had fun until the last couple times...I'm not sure what happened. She can sometimes be sensitive, so it is possible someone did something she didn't like. Who knows! She just told me she was done!

Rebekah walking around the chairs...

Rebekah sitting in some kids lap.

This is a picture Rebekah took of me!

My battery got pretty low, so there aren't really any other pictures. It was very low light...and in those settings I need full power! LOL

We had a great time at the wedding and stayed until about 8:00 or so...I don't recall. We hung out with the crowd from our church, which was great! I love hangin' with 'em! Kids were out fairly quickly...ok, Peter was. Rebekah was ready to party some more!

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