Thursday, May 28, 2009

A 3yo dinner conversation...

Rebekah: Mom, I want pineapple for dinner.
Me: Sure thing. You have to eat half your noodles, then you can have pineapple.

Rebekah carefully takes out a noodle, cuts it in half and eats it.

Rebekah: Look mom, I did it!
Me: Well, you ate half a noodle! I said half of ALL your noodles!
Rebekah: I did it! I did it!
Me: ate half a noodle very well.
Rebekah: Can I have pineapple now?
Me: No, you haven't eaten enough dinner.
Rebekah: But I want it!
Me: I know. Eat half your dinner and you can have it.
Rebekah: But I want it now!
Me: Yes I know.
Rebekah: I can have pineapple.
Me: You can? Why do you think that?
Rebekah: Because I want it.


Rebekah also discovered today that if she put noodles on her feet Solomon would lick them off. I'm not sure what took her so long to discover this fun filled activity...

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