Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spirit Week

Spirit week was at school a couple weeks ago. Each day they had theme's...

Monday - school shirt day
Tues - PJ day
Wed - Twins day
Thur - Hat Day
Fri - Hawaiian Shirt Day

Rebekah was able to participate every day. I was pretty proud of myself, because I actually spoke to another mom to arrange for the twin day! YAY ME! This will come as a shock to many...but I am incredibly shy around people I don't know. But I didn't want Rebekah to feel left out...so I stepped out of the ol' comfort zone and spoke to her. This particular mom has a daughter who is about 6 mo younger than Rebekah and a second daughter who is about 2 weeks younger than Peter. We also do drop off frequently around the same time. So it helps I see her more often than some of the other moms.

I only got a couple pictures...

Rebekah and Peter are in their PJs...this is actually at Olive Garden on my birthday. Yes, I took the kids out in their PJs for my birthday dinner. LOL I can only imagine what other people thought...but it would have added an hour to go home, change them and come back. It wasn't worth the time...

Rebekah pretending to frown...I forget why. LOL

Some pictures were snapped of twin day...but I did not have my camera that day. (I did...but it was in the car...argh!)

For hat day, Peter loved his hat and wore it all morning...sometimes it would fall off and he would bring it up to me and "eh eh" for me to put it back on. LOL Rebekah insisted on wearing this hat and these shorts (that matched the hat)...this is blackmail material right here. ;-) These shorts were a gift from a grandparent last summer.

The daycare also had "Muffins with Mom" for Mother's day. I had a blast eating breakfast with the kids. Rebekah got a total kick out of it. In addition, they had the Bubble Man come in and do bubbles. His secret? Classic Dawn!

Rebekah running around like a lune popping bubbles...

Peter had fun too!

Now THAT is a bubble...

This week also happened to be Teacher's Appreciation week. I donated money to a parent group which brought in goodies and on Friday I took in thank you cards and plants for each of the main teachers. I heard from the director...she said "Whatever you did, you made the teachers feel special! So thank you!" LOL Sweet - they are great teachers and I enjoyed doing things for them this year.

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