Friday, May 22, 2009

Our one day of Riverfest...

River fest is an event that occurs in May each year in our town. It is a pretty big ta-do around here. I've participated in varying degrees over the years. This year, my friend suggested we take the kids to the "kid zone"...sounded like fun so I was game!

This is Rebekah, her little friend Ryan and Ryan's mom Carole.
Rebekah loved the fact she was in a giant strawberry...what could be better?

Ryan and Rebekah decided they were big enough to ride by themselves...LMHO!
Carole was fine with this...the spinning strawberry was enough.

This is a giant twister inflatable. Peter LOVED it...
It was on a hill, so when he bounced he'd go rolling to the other end!

The three kids...I love this pic!

A place for the kids to ride some tricycles.

Peter...watching...sorta. LOL

There was a huge line for one of the inflatables. The kids
ran around like loons while we stood in line.

It was a great time had by all. Peter even had a good time, although he got tired of sitting in the stroller watching. I think he is looking forward to when he is big enough to run around with the big kids!

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