Monday, June 8, 2009

Flexible??!! -- YUP!

I had something else I was going to share today...but got this and it trumped all. Here is an email from the director of the school Rebekah and Peter attend:

From: Daycare Director
Date: Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 5:59 PM
Subject: Flexible??!!

I was looking at the photos of Carlton the therapy dog.....

Catch the pose on your made me laugh!!!

I had to share!

And then she enclosed this:

Check her out right in the middle - and be sure to pay attention to her the air.

Knowing what she does at home, this does not surprise me...but entirely funny. This also highlights how cool her school is...they are always bringing in fun learning opportunities for the kids.


Janette said...

Jealous!! :) Our boys' preschool had therapy dogs too -- the director actually owns the therapy dogs and brought them to work with her. GREAT program!!

Did you block the other kids' faces out or did the preschool do that before sharing the picture with you?

Miriam said...

I did that. Some people are a little weird about posting pics in this type of I blurred them out to keep myself out of trouble. ;-) There are a few other posts with blurred faces too...if I don't *KNOW* that it would be fine, I blur. Sometimes even if I think it would be fine, I blur. :-)

I did find out the other day this dog is a therapy dog in training...not quite licensed yet, but on his way!