Friday, June 12, 2009

It is a small world...

It never amazes me how the town I'm living in, although isn't small has a small town feel. I see people I know when out and about all the time.

Just this past week I've had two "Wow it's a small world" feelings. Firstly, my brother's wife's sister showed up on Facebook. I added her as a friend, and noticed I had a friend in common with her already...

And this friend in common was someone I know from church! Not somebody that I knew knew her.

Today, I was reading up on another acquaintance's blog. I also know her from church. She recently had a baby and she posted about her little miracle (in every sense of the word!). There was a post on her blog by the wife of someone I know at work.


I guess I should mention our church really isn't that big either...I don't go to one of the "mega" churches in town. Our church is about 40 families or so. Maybe not even that much?



Janette said...

That's funny! So -- you know Stephen & Lacie too?? Wow!! You probably know they lost a baby, too! I agree -- it is a small world!

Did you ever tell Jackie that you knew me? I never have posted on her wall, but should! :)

Miriam said...

HA - I didn't know YOU knew Steve and Lacie! Yep, Steve works where I work...we used to work in the same department and we used to work on the same project even. It has been awhile as he did move to a different department, but I still talk with him every once in awhile. I've never met Jesstine but I have seen them since Lacie was pg with her.

I do know they lost a baby. :-(

And nope, haven't mentioned to Jackie that I know you! I need too!