Friday, June 5, 2009

The great plant experiment...update

So we've been staring at the plants..

This was taken Monday...(June 1).
This is about 5 days after planting.

You may be wondering what that fourth pot school the other day they planted plants. Rebekah was very excited to put this plant in a we went out that night to get a pot. She also insisted on holding the plant. May I just say Rebekah is a terror to plants everywhere? She picks at them insistently. So by the time we got home...there wasn't much of a plant left. I don't have high hopes, but how do you explain "Hey Rebekah, you killed the plant"?

The next day (June 2).
Rebekah LOVES watering the plants...anything
left in the can she uses on the grass.

Awww...Rebekah helping Peter water.
(Double click to see the full size of the picture.)

Peter watering the plants today. He's getting the hang of it.

Peter put the watering can right therefor some reason...
I actually thought it was funny.

Notice anything in the picture above???? Well I attempted to take some close ups. I had to use flashes on the close ups since the kids were with me (thus I could not sit still enough to take without a flash) they are a little washed out. But you can get the drift!

Oh...oh what's that you ask?
Proof I can grow something...

When I pointed the green out to Rebekah, she got pretty excited. As a matter of fact, she told me she wanted to watch the plants grow...squatted down in front of the pot and watched. We had to go inside, and I'm curious if we hadn't how long that would have lasted...but it was quite funny! (And...we did have to continually tell her NOT to touch it! Ya know, so it will have a chance!)

Peter's plant...I think it might take closer to 3 weeks to gestate.

OK...maybe I can't grow anything.

Well...I guess if you want to get technical, the kids are growing the other plants and THIS is my plant. Hrm...yeah uhhh...well...

I think I killed it the slow way. I'm not going to give up hope just yet though...maybe it is hibernating? Like for the winter?

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