Friday, June 5, 2009

Gobi Grill

Tonight, we ate at a new restaurant in town. This actually was the second time we ate there. It is called Gobi Grill and it is a Mongolian grill...or so they claim. I have no idea whether this is really how/what Mongolians eat...

It is actually a pretty good place. You get a bowl. They have pretty much one price. If you want more (all you can eat), you can pay $2. So not too bad...oh, and you don't have to decide up front. You can eat...and basically pay $2 if you are still hungry!

For the uncreative types, they have suggested recipes with recipe cards. For the creative types, you basically pick all your ingredients. It's pretty orderly...meat (chicken, beef, pork, various sea foods, name it!), spices, veggies and sauce. They have things for those who like spicy and things for those who don't! They have ingredients so you can make just about anything...including spaghetti!

After you fill up your bowl, you hand it to a guy and they take it to the grill. You can watch your food cook or you can go ahead and sit down and they will bring it to you.

Both times we've had great service. They are incredibly kid friendly...they have trays if you have wee-little ones to help carry all the bowls. The downside...last time they did not tell us about the trays at first. We were told about it by a manager later.

We liked it both times and will probably go back again.!

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