Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Better late than never...FATHER'S DAY!

I lost my do-hickey. That is a highly technical term for an SD card to USB reader. My camera is funky because you can not put the SD card directly into an SD slot. It won't read the pictures. However, if you put it into an SD card to USB reader, it works like a charm.

Oh...and I have no idea where my data cable is. William managed to find some on Ebay, so now I have two. Woo hoo!

Father's day we went to breakfast at Burger King and then dinner at Gobi Grill. His BIG present was me changing a poopy diaper. Or was it the trip to Vegas? You make the call!

Rebekah refers to William as her "King". Ya know...she's a princess...
Its sweet!

Peter loves hats...

Officially a princess - courtesy Burger King!

Paper hats are never so much fun!

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