Thursday, July 2, 2009

While the cat is away...

William won an opportunity to play in a large poker tournament in Vegas. The top prize was something like $600K or so (depended on how many people were registered). It was a 3 day tournament, so he was going to be gone the entire time. He left Friday afternoon, returning Tues afternoon.

This was the first time ever that I had been home alone with the kids for so long...and never overnight. So this trip was sort of a first for the entire family.

Friday was pretty easy...I ordered pizza using Pizza Hut's order-ahead feature. :-) So I just stopped on the way home from the airport to get it. I was thrilled when I managed to tow two children in, pizza and two children back out. I guess I should say I still carry Peter everywhere. Right or wrong, it is usually easier. He has a mind of his own and does not follow!

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing, eating pizza and watching a movie.

The next morning we all got up, dressed and ate breakfast by 8:00. For me, this was amazing. I showered, home alone with the kids. I went to extraordinary lengths to avoid this one task since having kids! :-) And to have it all done by 8:00 was even more, we were not up at 5:00 AM to accomplish this! :-P

After some cow watching and phone searching (Peter hid it), we went to visit Rebekah's friend Ryan.

Ryan learned to pee outside from his grandfather a year or so ago. His mom has been attempting to teach him where it is appropriate, and where it isn't. I always giggle when I hear "Ryan, if you have to go potty you need to use the toilette! Not a bush!" She had told me that they are finally down to only peeing in the backyard.

The kids were playing happily, when they all decided it was time to head inside. It was super hot, so I didn't blame them one bit. On the way in, Ryan dropped his drawers and peed off their back deck. His mom scooped him up and ushered him in where she was able to finally get clothes on him.

We went to eat lunch at Wendy's. Peter had fallen asleep about 30 seconds after getting in the car, so I ended up holding him as we ate. Rebekah declared she needed to go potty then asked Ryan "Do YOU need to go potty?" Ryan said yup, and Carole (Ryan's mother) graciously agreed to take both kids to the bathroom.

When she returned, she sheepishly apologized and said that Rebekah just wanted to see Ryan go pee! LOL And he was obliging! Ha! As he was peeing Rebekah kept asking Carole "How did he do that?" She said she replied "I don't know, that must be how God made him!"

Overall the weekend was absolutely wonderful and I had a severe case of Monday-blues it rolled around. This really surprised me because I figured I'd be happy to be back at work after being home alone (with the kids) all weekend. I don't have any pictures unfortunately. My battery was low and I could never quite remember to put it back together after it was charged.

So instead of beautiful pictures I will cherish this time with my kids in my heart...a weekend fully of giggle, tickles and silly phrases. And if William requests another lonesome vacation, I would heartily agree! (Ironically, he did not have as good of a time as we did!)

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